our first tree.

Last night we picked up our first Christmas tree using some wedding gift cards (so thankful)!
We set it up and decorated it with all of my ornaments that I've been receiving from my mom since I was little. Michael's are still at home, but we're going to Eagan this weekend and will bring them home with us. The tree is going to be toppling over I'm pretty sure! We also listened the Pandora's Jazz Holidays Radio station, which has great Christmas music that is cheese-free and annoying-free (that doesn't make sense, but go with it), with the exception of 'Santa Baby' which definitely annoyed Michael. While all this cold is not that joyous, I am loving this Christmas season and all the lights and trees you see in windows and store fronts around town!

In light of all the candy and red bows and pine cones and wreaths and santa-y decorations, I am reminded that Jesus is why we do it all. Everything else about Christmas is meaningless in light of his arrival! He came humbly and filled this world with hope. Christmas should be so full of gratefulness to my Father for allowing his Son to take on flesh, and so letting me become one with him in his death. He saved me and I cannot do enough to thank Him for his goodness. Thank you Jesus for coming!


  1. SOOO cute! :) have a great Christmas!

  2. Those photos are so darn cute. I love how you said 'cheese-free' and 'annoying-free'.. we definitely play some cheesy and annoying Christmas music at Starbucks. Ugh. I hope you guys have a wonderful first Christmas together as married people! It's time to celebrate Jesus! Yeah!!

  3. Haha I know- there is so much Josh Groban at sbux!
    and Jesus- the reason for the season : )


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