Remember the lace DIY earrings I posted a while ago? Well I decided to make some myself while I was home the other day, and I thought they turned out rather well! Go here to see the tutorial.
 I have a few things to finish up and then I get to have some coffee with two of my old friends Taryn and Alisa, I haven't seen them in a long time so I'm excited to catch up! Then it's off to work til it's late out, and then I get to have a girls sleepover with some of my bestest friends. I'm really excited about that; it can be an adjustment going from all the girl time you get when you live with girls, it is almost like a sleepover every night, to well, boy time. I wouldn't trade it for the world but I still cherish the girls nights I get to have : ) Only two more days until we're off to the races with our Christmas celebrations. (oh and don't forget to sign up to win a hairband!)


  1. It was so wonderful to see you and hear about your awesome plans!! love you, Danae=)

  2. love you too Alisa, it was a BLAST getting to catch up!


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