Today has been a crazzzy day. The biggest storm of the year hit and so my sister and I decided to go to the mall, naturally. We went to bring Michael to work, but Starbucks was closed (I told you it was bad). We still went to the mall and then that ended up closing. We then went home and watched a documentary on a group of blind children in Tibet who climbed up a mountain. It was quite inspiring. My little red cavalier then braved the storm and survived the trip to bring Kari back to her dorm. We will likely do it again tomorrow : ) I like snow days and spending time with the best. Tomorrow is new years! If I have the time and will power, I shall do a round-up of 2010 post!

For tonight, I thought I'd share some of my favorite ever style of rings, antique. I really like very decorative rings, not a big fan of solitaires... my own wedding ring is a 1930's style, with the diamonds set into pretty decorative metal styling. I love it and here are more from Erica Weiner that are super pretty too:

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