Two thrift finds from yesterday, a square leather wallet and pretty printed mug!
So remember the said christmas party we were going to last night? well we went there and it was a blast. we hung out and ate tons of christmas treats and half-played a game while chatting. the highlight of the night was when our dating-couple friends Arica and Jesse walked in, and Arica flipped up her left hand to reveal a sparkly diamond! We (meaning the girls) squealed and hugged her and found out it happened 20 minutes before they arrived! I'm so excited and happy for them : ) yay for marriage.
I'm finishing up some christmas shopping today, working for a bit, and then hanging out with the lovely Camila tonight. Can you believe Christmas is only eight days away! eeep! i'm super excited, our little tree can't quite hold all the gifts that we have wrapped under neath. I had fun making little 'happy christmas' gift tags and wrapping up our presents.We are going to be at four different places this year in the course of, um....four days. It's going to be nuts, but I'm so looking forward to it.

We are kinda in this in-between stage of still having Christmas' with our grandparents and cousins and all that, as well as our parents. So we have four extended sides of the family as well as our own siblings and parents' celebrations. That adds up to six....six! That is a lot. We are both the oldest in our families, so we will most likely be at this stage for quite some time, but eventually I suppose we will end up only having celebrations with our parents and siblings as they get married and all that stuff. I absolutely love getting to see so many relatives, and we both love our families, but it does get to be tough to figure out where to go, how long to stay, and all that jazz.

P.S. I've been thinking of doing a giveaway of one of my headbands or ear warmers....hmm. shall I? 

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