It was super COLD (as in below zero) and windy out today. I live in a frozen tundra for sure! I took these photos mainly for the purpose of putting the brown leather purse up on my Etsy shop (click here to view or purchase), but also just for fun.
I also was a fan of my outfit today, the large cream sweater (that is super comfy) and booties were thrift shop finds and the floral tunic was a purchase from my trip to Costa Rica two summers ago : )

Side note: After Michael turns in a timeline tomorrow morning, we are both officially done for the semester! I am super excited for next semester and already miss school a little bit. I really liked my classes this past semester and think next semester will be the same. One of my favorites was my Social Work Families class, and my professor told me I really should go to grad school...hmmm. Yay for learning!


  1. It has been getting really cold here too! Oh! and I went over to check out your wedding post. Beautiful day. :) My cousin got married this past summer as well. I love weddings. Her wedding dress was similar to yours as well. Very stunning. I think it may be from the same place; a very very pretty place. :)

  2. we could be grad school buddies! :)
    awesome blossom

    you're beautiful my dear friend!


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