Yesterday, Michael and I spent the day in Barnesville with my family! It was so much fun. We arrived with presents in hand to place under the ginormous tree in our living room, had some lunch, and then we all went sledding! It took all nine of us forever to get bundled up and loaded into the car. My dad drove us down to our little 20 foot hill that is the highest thing for miles around, and on the way caused the whole car to scream from sliding the van all over the road almost the entire way there. My mom just about had a heart attack. This happens every year. We stayed for about the same time it took us to get ready to go; there was a wonderful abundance of rosy cheeks, cold noses, and smiling faces. I had a blast being with everyone just laughing and having fun. We relaxed at home and mom made us some delicious hot chocolate and toast (a tradition of ours). We filled up our dining room table and played boggle. Later in the day we also rolled out some kringle and cut out some ginger bread cookies! Being at home is quite, well, loud. With 9 people running around, two being four year old boys, things get kinda crazy, definitely a different atmosphere than mine and Michael's little apartment with not even a pet running around, but I have grown to appreciate both. My mom made wonderful food for supper too and after wards my dad led us in some prayer and bible time. I love going home to such a beautiful family. Here are some photos of our day!

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  1. Such a cute family! :) You guys are so sweet. Looks like you had a great day.


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