Yesterday was our 6 month (wedding) anniversary. We've been at it for half a year! It feels like it's gone by so fast.

You share everything in marriage. When you just have a roommate, you live together, but you usually don't ask when they are getting groceries, or if they took out the trash, or when they want to eat lunch, or what time their class is done, or if they could mail something for you, or when their getting home, or if you can go home for the weekend. You might ask a few of these things every now and then, but for the most part, you each do your own thing and live fairly separate lives.  Even if you are extremely close with your roommates, you still don't join bank accounts, sleep in the same bed, or visit each others families for the rest of your lives.

You are required to be selfless, you would think, well, duh. But marriage is the most intimate relationship a person could ever have, and it really does require you to die to yourself, every day. It asks you to give up your own desires to think of the other. There is an opportunity every minute to put someone else above yourself, to serve instead of be served. To choose love when you want to choose to be annoyed. To choose to do the dishes instead of read, to choose to get the groceries so they don't have to, to choose to hold your tongue when you are frustrated, and to choose to let it go when you want to hold on. It's full of choices to do what is right and pure rather then what is easy or simple. To choose to do what is best for the other person, no matter the consequences for yourself. It's a sacrifice and I am just starting to learn how to be all that marriage requires of a person. Cause it's a lot.
But the joys are incomparable and the sacrifices grow you together and it's worth it all. The confidence that comes from standing in the kitchen at the dawn of the new day, ready to leave and face our worlds in different classrooms and different work places, taking a moment just to press our foreheads together and tangle our arms, to let each other know that we're there, there for good, there for each other. The complete love that is shown through the sacrifices is unlike any other. It shows me what God feels towards his church. It shows me how I am to treat my husband as the leader, it draws me towards submission. Being able to take road trips together and dream of our future together is so much fun,  and knowing someone else will be excited for you even if no one else cares. I love knowing that I can come home and drop down all guards and know I am understood. Having someone to make supper with and laugh together. Someone who knows it all and requires only a few words of explanation to know what you mean and how you're feeling. I love being married. As Michael said last night, "we're like 1/80th of the way to 40 years!" And I'm so glad.


  1. Beautiful. This makes me want to get married lol :)
    You two are lovely, God bless the 79/80ths to go, and the years beyond that!

  2. haha thanks lovely friend, you're so encouraging!


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