fashion project?

Yesterday Michael and I spent a few hours together at Barnes and Noble reading (and eating chocolate cheesecake yum). We are currently reading through the Chronicles of Narnia series and are on the 3rd book. Instead of movies, this past month we have been reading aloud to one another, and on our "off" chapter I knit/sew, and Michael draws. It actually works out quite well and we have really enjoyed these hours.

After sitting in the hard chairs, we retreated to the corner of the store to the over sized comfy spots. I thumbed through a really horrible DIY book and then moved on to the always beautiful Sartorialist. The Sartorialist is a world-renowned fashion blog (and book) created by a fashion designer turned street-photographer. He found such a disconnect between what would come down the runways and what real people would actually wear on a day to day basis (how true is that?!) and so he decided to photograph real people off streets of cities from all over the world, and share that with others. I love thumbing through his photographs and seeing how creative and unique people are through their expression of clothing. There are tons of other fashion blog sites just full of great ideas and unique outfits, something I enjoy a lot.

SO I had an idea. What if I could do something like this? A sort of mini sartorialist? How fun would it be to document what people in this FM area wear? Not that there is an abundance of unique or daring clothing styles walking around, but there definitely is some. Just carry around my camera all the time and when a person's outfit or style strikes me, just take a photo? I could start a blog (name: so fargo has fashion after all) which would solely be for this project.  I think it'd be such a fun adventure and learning experience. Who knows...maybe I'll be stopping you soon : )


  1. i also think this is a great idea danae. also have you ever heard of lookbook...i have a feeling you would really like it.

  2. thanks : ) and melissa- yes I have actually sourced it in my blog before! it's great.


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