Sometimes I wish Jesus could just walk into my bedroom during my devotions, and sit down on the bed next to me. I wish I could look into his face and just talk to him, pray. I wish that I could open his word, and have him point to things that he wants me to read, or explain to me the confusing parts. I wish I could just hug him, for real.
 But he isn’t physically here, and that is better. So often, it doesn’t seem better, but I’m realizing how much better it really is. He said that if he left, he could give us his spirit, and we could have him with us always. We would now be able to know his thoughts and feelings, for he gave us his very spirit. His heart. We can't know another human's thoughts unless they tell us, we cannot talk to them unless they are close by, and we obviously do not have their spirit in us. Well, blessed are we that he said if we believe in him and choose him to be our Lord, we could have his heart beating in ours! 
Oh my goodness. I can now walk around, with access to his thoughts, feelings, power, and spirit, all day. He is there to guide us, speak life to us, comfort us, sanctify us, strengthen us, and teach us. All day. I don’t have to wait to go to a temple like in the Old Testament, I don’t have to wait to tell it to someone else so they can go to God for me. I don’t have to bring a sacrifice to become clean before God. I am already clean because when God looks at me, he sees Jesus' purity and his spirit's holiness, not my selfish humanity. He has forgotten all the parts of me that are ugly, all the bad mistakes and hurtful words spoken, all the selfish decisions and wrong motives. He not only has forgiven it all, but he has forgotten it all. He has separated me from my sin as far as the east is from the west. He looks and sees me as he created me to be, in his spirit. 
Some days I still wish I could just hug him, and it is overwhelming to think of the beautiful day that will be when I do, but for today, I know that it is better that I cannot. I have the fullest measure of himself that is possible on this sinful earth, and I have it living inside of me. Oh that my heart would be a pleasing place for him to dwell, that he would make me a sanctuary for himself. For our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. Let's act like it.


  1. Love this post, and the name change. :)

  2. I've been wanting that, too, to just talk to Jesus face to face and hold his hand! Then I realize that I really can - it's more than just seeing it and physically feeling it. One day we'll understand.


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