A Good Read.

This blog, taza and husband, is headed up by the lovely lady, Naomi Megan. She blogs and shares cute photos about her adventures with her husband and their baby that is on the way! Check it out and be sure to look at her feature 'what makes you terribly happy' : )

(all photos from Naomi's blog)
As far as fargo goes. It's freezing. Like the worst of the worst. We're talking -20 and colder weather. It makes you cringe just thinking of going outside! Too bad life still goes on despite the ungodly temperatures. I also had an evaluation at work today, and it went wonderful (always a good feeling). This week has been rough getting back into the swing of things and busyness just taking over. Every single night of the week is full, and it's getting old never being able to just be home together and make supper or something that normal married people do. But despite it all, God is good and we are blessed!


  1. i do love her blog so does andrew and carissa's blog ;) of course, your blog too!


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