I see through blue eyes and a pale face
I don't know what it's like
to live as a minority
or be a different shade of color
then the rest of the faces of my family portrait
I wonder what it will be like for you two
to have the mommy that raises you be
not the mommy who carried you
will you feel left out in school
or have big and scary questions
I wonder what you will see when you look
at the world through your dark eyes
and dark faces
what will you think when you
learn about racism in your classrooms
and see a dark face in the mirror and white
faces at the dinner table.
will you feel satisfied and whole
or will there be times of loneliness
and brokenness. 

despite the questions and the unknowns
the hard days and the good ones
your future is secure
your identity comes from your father above
and like your white family,
you are, above all adopted into His family
and the answers are found in no human's word
but the Spirit's whisperings


  1. I love this. It's So honest and sweet.

  2. This is beautiful. Everything about it.

  3. love this Danae... Can I use it elsewhere? ( giving credit where it is due!
    R Iverson


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