my eyes hurt when onions are cut. they water and my mascara runs in and makes them hurt even more. i can't really run from it since the kitchen is feet away from every other room in our less than 300sq ft apartment. i had a chocolate delicacy today with my sister. she is so great, i am selfish and don't want to her to ever move away cause then i will miss her terribly. she gets me. we think alike. the first half of today was bad. i was crabby with no real reason and i took it out on michael. everything seemed to be wrong even though not much was. we made up and it's better. but those mornings suck. sometimes when i look at something for a long time i feel like i am spinning or have lost my sense of gravity. it's strange. i decided that i am going to do either a 5k or a 10k with kari this spring. i always feel better about myself and my body when i exercise. just like i feel better when i get my devotions in. which i don't sometimes. and then i get frustrated. i just want to want to want Jesus more. i want to know him better so i can live in his Spirit. it's so good there. i don't shower very often. some think it's super gross but hey, baby powder does wonders for the hair. so it's all good. my eyes are still hurting from the onions and my husband is the handsomest man alive. i have started wearing long socks over my skinny jeans with my grandma booties. i'm liking it a lot, kinda out there, but i guess that's normal for me. i think i should be reading about environmental sociology right now. mmm yeah. better do that.
heyy ALSO my friend's sister Kendra launched her new business (relaunch- new site, new name) and used some photos of michael and i from the shoot she did of us for her new website's header! her stuff is awesome, check it out by clicking the photo below!

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  1. I'm taking an environmental sociology class this semester too! How awesome!


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