name change.

As you can see, I have changed the name of my blog *gasp* I decided, after lots of debate, that I really want to have one name for my business and blog combined, so that my branding is unified and there isn't any confusion about what is what. 

I loved my blog, from beginning to end, and still love love that name, but think the smartest thing for my business is to switch. I know that I want to work on expanding my business and Michael and I both have the dream of someday opening our own brick and mortar shop, with that said, I want my blog's name to be the same as the business side to keep the same theme running through it all. 

Go here to see the post on why I chose the name This Earthly Tent. Also, for those that have my blog button on their pages, be sure to update with the new button (same except for the name!).

I've been giddy all day with dreams and ideas running through my head of future opportunities for my little venture. So exciting!


  1. I love the new name and it definitely goes well with your etsy shop as well. Even though it has a biblical meaning, it goes well with the earthiness of your headbands! I changed the button on my page & I love your blog!

  2. This is wonderful. Chase after your dreams! I love doing crafts, and I get really inspired by Elsie's and others' blogs and shops, but then I get busy and forget about doing crafts and selling things on Etsy. I closed my shop :( oh well, it's hard to ship things overseas. I think it's great that you work so hard at your business. Keep it up, girl!


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