pretty things.

Because pretty things are nice to look at, here are some of the things that are pretty to my eyes....maybe they'll be pretty to yours too.

This DIY for the colorful paper bunting strands (I made super long strands out of lace fabric for our outdoor wedding...ahh the memories).
 These film photos from The Little Deer.
These fabric clutches by The Naked Squirrel.
 These pretty necklaces.
This girl's hair.
 Hooker's Sweet Treats. Located in SF, I want to stop here when we visit over Spring Break! Photos by the Snail and the Cyclops.
 This guy's photographs.

well, the warm weather didn't last long, and it's below zero, again. i have the day to myself, which is good cause there is plenty of homework to do and headbands to finish. not to mention that roll of film that still isn't done....
next week on Tuesday, it's Michael's 22nd birthday! We're having some friends get together the night before at Kroll's for shakes (you're invited! 8:30), and it's gonna be a good few days.

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