So school has started and things are gonna get crazzzy soon. I know it. It's my last semester of "normal" classes because next fall I intern! Kind of getting stoked about that, as well as my work-filled intense Paralegal Gov't Benefits class I'm in this semester (so much work but so interesting and crucial for social work). Tonight at work a co-worker and I got into a passionate discussion about the distribution of government funding to diverse vulnerable populations in this area and it was such fun (some may find this the most boring thing in the world, but I don't!). Social Work=greatest major ever (for me).

I'm working (or trying to) on lots of off-line headband orders from people in the FM area and having loads of fun.  Sometimes I wish I could just drop everything and create all the time, and maybe someday that will happen, if that's what Jesus has in store for me, but I'm happy with where life is right now. Oh! I've also had a friend ask me about possibly designing her headpiece for her wedding next summer and I can't wait to try my hand at higher-end wedding-esque pieces (foreshadowing perhaps? hmmmm).

I attended my first pilates class with my sister and cousin this week and loved it! Being a student, it's all free, and the class fits great with my schedule so I'm planning on making it a part of my week along with regular trips to the gym. hurrah for healthy living.

Tomorrow I get to fit in a coffee date to catch up with my lovely friend Camila and I am trying to finish off my roll of film so I can get them developed (and scanned) so I can show them to you!

Thanks to all of you regular readers who check (and leave comments- those are the most encouraging!). It's the best to hear that what I write and share makes a difference to people and encourages them (if you want to become an official follower you can do so on the left side bar).

(Random photo I took during Christmas break inside a small-town museum in MN, hilarious!)

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