This weekend was funnn. I visited two of my friends in the cities and it was awesome to just hang out and do girl stuff for a few days. We made cookies, watched movies, shopped, drank coffee, talked, took pictures, and painted our nails. Yeah, girl stuff. It was sweet. For those of you from around here....next time you're in the cities you need to go to Nina's Coffee Cafe (located on Selby Ave). It's awesome.

I also brought out my mom's old film camera she has (semi-permanently) borrowed me from the closet. I used it when I took a photography class two years ago but haven't really since. My blog friend Kelsie shoots almost all her photos in film and they are beautiful, sooo I decided to give it a go myself. I am excited to finish off this current roll so I can get it developed!

I smelt coffee the second I walked in my door.
I saw deer footprints on the snow in the back.
I felt sweat on my forehead as I exercised (yay).
I heard the click of my film camera's shutter.

school starts.....hello chaos.

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