well, hello. It's a lovely day outside, in the 30s! The sun is filling my apartment with beautiful light and it's pretty nice.
Fun Stuff: I came home from work on Jan 26, to find that Michael built a tent in our living room and made a yummy dinner for us to eat in it! I was so excited. It was 7 months of marriage that day, and he wanted to celebrate, which of course made me feel like a princess.
 My business cards finally came in the mail a few days ago! I'm so excited and I really like how they turned out. As many of you know, I'm going to have a table at the Unglued craft fest in Fargo on March 5th, so be sure to come by if you can! I've been stocking up on lots of headbands for the fair, and also started to make hair clips/brooches as well, with feathers and lace and lots of stuff, similar to the one in my hair in the last photo.
It's a friday and my favorite day of the week! No class and no work. Win.
Today: work out / open This Earthly Tent bank account / chill / Starbucks / homework / prayer meeting


  1. I love that your hubby made a tent :) what a cute idea!

  2. OMG, I'M sooooooo doing this for my hubby!!!!!!!

    this is so romantic and sweet!

  3. Oh, we used to build forts all the time, and now it's been years! I should do this for Ben on Valentine's Day... We always stay in that day, because the restaurants are way too crowded. We go to Papa Murphy's and get one of their heart shaped pizzas to bring home. :)

  4. awesome idea Kari! tents are so much fun and romantic (and free too haha).

  5. Thanks for helping me figure out what I'm doing for my hubby on valentine's day :)

  6. haha you're welcome...although I can't reasonably take the credit for it..that was all Michael : )


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