a year ahead.

Well, Michael and I brought in the new year...sleeping. We didn't go to our friend's, and were snowed in to our apartment. Starbucks was closed for the third day in a row and so Michael and I have had quite the vacation. We have been doing a lot of just relaxing, and today we had some yummy lunch at Olive Garden. We also read through the first of the Chronicles of Narnia books in 2 days, yes, 2. They are so good. Today, well it's more hanging out and hopefully a few friends can make their merry way over to our place tonight!

Yesterday I reviewed 12 highlights from 2010, and here a few of the things I am looking forward to in this year of 2011! 
1. Taking a road trip with the husband to California! Nothing is set in stone yet, but we plan on taking a week and a half or so and driving south to Kansas City, and then over to Zion National Park, then on the San Fransisco, and lastly we are planning on stopping at the Redwood Forest. This will be our first ever big trip together, and we plan on camping a lot (in the places where it's warm enough). I think this is what I am most looking forward to in 2011.
2. Going on a vacation with Michael's family to the beach. Michael's parents are renting a place on the beach of North Carolina in August and invited us to come along for the week! We are excited and grateful for a second vacation of sorts.
3. Weddings! I am going to be designing and creating fabric boutonnieres for my cousin Savanna's outdoor June wedding. I also have multiple other friends with weddings in 2011 that I can't wait to attend!
4. Graduating from college. Next December, or 2 semesters away, I am going to be finishing my Social Work degree and I will be a college grad! I will be taking only 1 summer class and then I will be interning in the fall. Crazzzzy.
5. The unknown. I'm excited for what I don't yet know, for the un-had adventures that will inevitably be had!



  2. yeah!! that'd be awesome if it worked out!


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