Yesterday Michael and I decided to go with my dad to SD for a day. He was going to go and help his dad (my grandpa) and siblings sort through his Aunt Evelyn's apartment, who recently passed away. She was in her 80's and a beautiful woman who gave many years to loving God and others. She spent most of her life working as an adoption worker, taking many trips to Korea and uniting children with adoptive parents (pretty much something I'd love to do).

She never was married or had children, and so we were her closest family and she came to all our celebrations. And so yesterday was the day set for going through her things, and we went along to help. A lot was to be sorted through by others, a lot was thrown away, a lot went to a thrift store, and a lot was also up for grabs for who ever wanted it : ) I think I snagged quite a few treasures (to say the least)! Check em out:
yarn-covered hangers and a mini pyrex dish.
 3 mini pencil drawings from an artist in MN
 a beautifully faded yellow floral plate, doll (with 2 broken arms, my grandma said it was worth some money?), and 'for morning' embroidered dish towel.
 blank vintage recipe cards
 jewelry box (I already have one like it but I just couldn't pass it up)
 vintage Kodak Instamatic camera
 love the couple's portrait!
 my great aunt Evelyn
 The above three photos (of all the vintage photos and postcards) I think might be my favorite gift. We found boxes full of antique photos and I LOVE them. Not sure what I'm going to use them for, but aren't they sweet?
 The top of a Korean sewing box stocked full of buttons, thread, scissors, and fun stuff. Evelyn took many trips to Korea in her life.
There were some other really pretty wall hangings that are already up on our living room wall that aren't shown, as well as a bunch of grandma cardigans, sweater vests, and a pair of shoes! It was good to be with family and fun to get a chance to help out and take home some treasures.

We're headed over to a friend's tonight to talk about and pray for our school. It's a night of vision and prayer for our campus. Should be really awesome.


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