For the next few hours it's just me, a yummy snack, the movie 'The Young Victoria', and these creations I'm working on! I haven't shown photos of them before or added any to my etsy store, but plan on bringing all I have to the craft fair (so be there!). They all will have either clips on their backs or bobby pins. Kind of excited about them : )

Hope your friday has been sunny : )


  1. LOVE these!!

    also, the Young Victoria is a great movie=)

  2. These are beautiful, Danae! I wish I could make it to the craft fair! Luke & I have a marriage counseling session that weekend in Bismarck so unfortunately, I will miss it. Hope you have a great show and a great week!

  3. loooooving the little clippies and feathers girl!

    Im thinking you should get some goldish buttons and some spring colored feathers for the warmer weather, seriously they will sell!




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