Happy Valentines Day! God is love and he loves us. It's a fun day to spend with you lover but God is the greatest lover of all, so even if you haven't met your human one yet, take a minute to celebrate with the best friend and lover of all, Jesus. He probably wants to celebrate with you.

As for Michael and I, there is class and homework like usual today. But when I got home from my workout this morning (i've been pretty steadily going 3 times a week - yay) Michael had a lovely card for me, inside he wrote a long note inside that just melted my heart (being a big words of affirmation person I love to hear about how he loves me). He also gave me a beautiful flower pot that now has a home on our window sill, we named her Jorgita haha.We went to a play last thursday as our early love-day date, it was really great and pretty comical too. our first date was a play. we like plays.

today its a balmy 30 degrees out and we just got back from a walk to Juano's for a yummy lunch just 2 blocks down broadway from our home.
i was pretty overjoyed while walking to the gym this morning because:
i heard birds chirping / it was really warm / the sunrise was pretty

it's a beautiful day, thank You Jesus for your creations
and for spring after the winter
and for melting ice
and for a warm sun
and for birds that chirp in the morning
and for a colorful sunrise
and for green grass poking through the mud
and for flower pots
and for yummy lunches
and for marriage and love
and for Michael

You really are the best Creator ever.

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  1. Cute photos! And a lovely list at the bottom. :)
    Jesus is indeed the best. I couldn't agree more!


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