Here is my 2nd roll of film (35 mm out of my mom's old pentax)! I'm not claiming to be any great photographer, but I've had lots of fun using a film camera, and there definitely is a different feel to the photos than there is with digital.

My little brother Isaac + snack.
Michael at morning breakfast.
The flower I got for Valentine's Day, we named her Jorgita.
My sister Sophia.
My mom in the kitchen, she is a great cook.
My family having lunch after church.
Paul, Noah, and Dustin being awesome at the hipster party my friend Brooke K. threw.
Dustin, Thea, Brooke S. (and rootbeer bottle instrument) and Mags having a jam.
My sister Kari at the hipster party , with root beer  : )
Downtown on Valentine's Day
Us and our plant in our kitchen.
beautiful sky.
snow ball throw.
a table full of my handiwork.
My sister Britta in the kitchen, through the door.
Homework is insane lately. I have 4 tests in 4 days essentially. I have midterms in Environmental Sociology, African American Humanities, Government Benefits, and Generalist Practice Communities. Yikes. This weekend = STUDY. I'm also praying that I will get an internship with Catholic Charities in their special needs adoption program. I know that God is good and He has my fall all planned out for me. 
Well. I'm off to work, have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. Great photos, I just love film so much! it's my favorite. Good luck on all of your exams. :)

  2. Oh, I love every single one of these. Your photos tell a beautiful story, and they are full of love :)

  3. Thank you friends : ) ang= that was such an encouraging word!


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