Here's a peak into our room. I know I've shown pictures of our apartment before, but I always like to see photos of people's rooms and decorating style, as well as their everyday living environments. Our 'home' is teeny tiny (less than 300 sq ft) and at times I wish it were bigger, more storage space and room to entertain...but overall we love it. It has lots of character. One of the things I knew I wanted to have right away in our home was a bed canopy. Michael found it online and it's something I hope to have in our home for a long time...here ya go:

 trunk from my grandpa's farm...now Michael's clothes box.
 the photo we took with a disposable camera during our honeymoon, and the vintage jewelery box is from my mom. the love note is from Michael  : )
the map is of south america, michael gaveit  to me while we were dating....around it are all notes from him to me, and special items to us.
Our almost never made bed...canopy, floral pillows, and twinkling lights : )


I hope your friday has been as good as mine! It's a balmy 30 degrees out, so I naturally have had the windows rolled down and my mood has definitely been up : ) I picked up my first roll of film today and am planning on going to school to get them scanned so I can share them! They aren't spectacular by any means, but I'm excited still. I also got to meet up with my sister and have some good chats and coffee. I just love her.
Tonight is the 2nd part of the 'dating and relationships' series put on by pastor brad and his wife kay. Come if you can - 7 pm Fargo First Assembly.  I'm going to go to that with some friends, which may seem odd since I'm married, but for one, brad and kay are hilarious together, and two, i have lots of friends who are dating and it's always good to learn more about the topic, you never know what kind of wisdom might be able to be passed on. And the topic is fun : )

P.S. a shout out to all of those who have recently started officially following my blog this week! thank you : )


  1. our apartment is a bit bigger than 300... more like 387 square feet:)


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