If you're looking for a good new blog read. Check out Here's Lookin At Me Kid. Candi posts about her daily life in Canton, OH with her husband, fashion, scrapbook ideas, home decor, and lots lots more. Check it outsssss. (photos below are her's).

 It's been busy around here lately. School has definitely picked up, especially paralegal (which I am liking!- kind of). Today I had my first meeting for my internship this fall. All how-to-get-started stuff. I need to decide on the agencies I want to check out and ask for interviews. I am interested in adoption and pro-life family-based services. So far I'm thinking of Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and First Choice Clinic. If any of you have suggestions on others or comments on any of these, it would be very much appreciated!

I *offically* got my acceptance letter for the craft fair in March! There is lots to do and things to be working on: sales tax shtuff, designing the space, making business banners (electronic and real), item pricing, merchandise creating, and lots of organizing. I'm sure being kept busy. I seem to say that a lot...maybe it's not such a good thing. Hmmm.

This weekend will be good. There's another all-night prayer event at First Assembly, which is a night of prayer focusing on our college campuses and seeking Jesus' presence to come and redeem these schools, students, and professors. It's a come and go as you can type of night, so if you are interested (and in the area) you should stop by.

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