it's official...

We're headed to San Francisco! We bought our tickets last night - eep! We are flying into San Jose actually, which is about an hour from SF, and then we'll bus it there. We are planning on staying in hostels (WAY cheaper). Originally we had planned on a road trip, but after sitting down to plan, we realized we'd be in the car for over 4 days total, and have only 2 in SF, there wasn't a big price difference between the gas/wear on the car and the tickets to fly - so we decided to fly and have 6 full days in the city!

I've never been to California before and I can't wait for our first big vacation together, ever! My friend Molly used to call SF home, so I asked for some favorite must-do items, and this is the list she gave me, if anyone has anything else to add, please do!

1) Alcatraz
2) Shopping in Union Square
3) Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
4) Dolores Park (it has the most amazing views of the city)
5) Walk down Haight/Ashbury (they have great vintage/thrift stores)
6) Trolley Ride
7) Go see the Painted Ladies (famous from Full House)
8) The Mission (the hispanic part of the city, really cool and cultured, best mexican food!)
9) Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory
10) Lombard Street: most crooked street in the world! (and its actually up the hill from the choc. factory)

 (all photos from wehearit)


  1. i am SO excited for you guys!! i've never been to SF, only to san diego when i was like 12. i loved it. do you think you guys will have a hard time leaving SF? it'll be unforgettable!!

  2. That sounds amazingly fun! Be careful in the hostel, please. <3 And bring anti-bacterial.

    Mom :DD

  3. Fun! I've always wanted to go there. I love exploring new cities. Say, another way to save money on travel is to go couchsurfing. We haven't done it, but our friends have. They meet lots of cool people that way. Oh, and when we went to Texas, we checked out Groupon for the cities we'd be in for about a month beforehand to see if they were offering any cool deals we could take advantage of. The tourism site should be pretty good for getting coupons too. We found a TON of them for Texas for places we had already planned on going to. Oh, and check this place out too. GREAT resource for visiting new places and seeing what the locals enjoy and not just the touristy kinds of places:

  4. I've been told SF is the home of people who still believe in fabulous bookstores. You'll have to find one!


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