Lately I've been fascinated with film more and more every day, I've been doing some reading and some ebay searching. I am thinking about buying my own film camera, since the one I have is actually my mother's (and the lens cap is missing). I've been looking at a Canon ae-1, as well as various toy cameras that produce some beautiful images (especially the diana mini...love).

Here are some examples of the photos coming out of toy cameras:

diana mini camera // Matt Larson
holga camera / / Naomi Davis

Well, I've successfully avoided homework so far today with a stop at a thrift store, blogging, and picking up hair clips for some of my creations. I think it's time to head over to the kitchen table, turn on pandora's cool jazz station, warm up my soy chai tea latte (i love that my husband works at Starbucks), and hit the paralegal book. Wish me luck : )
have a lovely Saturday afternoon!

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