Ok, can I just say I LOVE this wedding? It truly is beautiful, I love the super casual, day at camp sort of feel. Our wedding was outside and had a few similar aspects to this (wildflowers, mason jars, antiques), which is why I probably love it so much : ) This location though.....oh man, so pretty.

I took the first half of my massive paralegal test (on medicaid and medicare) a few hours ago, I studied for over 6 hours and I'm not quite sure how it went...it was hard. I have a midterm tomorrow and one Wednesday and all I want is a break from this studying. Uf. I'm off to pilates now and then small group (which I guess, is a break from studying ha).

My grandparents and cousin are also going to be in town tomorrow, so we are all going to have supper and hang out at their hotel (there really isn't very many public places that can contain my two 4 year old brothers for long). I like family time, hope your Monday has been swell!

P.S. I did order my Diana Mini yesterday! It arrives on Wednesday....and I'm excited (to put it lightly).


  1. That wedding. Amazing. so crazy pretty. :)
    Have fun with your family and good luck on the exams.


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