diana mini (!!)

OK so I know this might be a bit repetitive for some of you but I can't help myself. I looked at toy cameras and their results like most of the day yesterday and I'm still in awe, after talking to some film-savvy friends, I think I'm going to buy the Diana Mini, unlike the holga or the diana, it takes 35 mm film, which is quite a bit cheaper to buy and get developed than 120 (what the holga and the diana take).

I read on a film blog somewhere that photo editing programs create looks that film naturally provides, and toy cameras tend to produce some crazy results, with the ability to double expose, overlap frames, and have split-frames it's sort of a surprise, and there is much more mystery involved PLUS all that time saved on editing.

I'm SO excited, and in order to have her (errr, the camera that is) for our CA trip I think I might be ordering...dare I say, today?! I know this might seem like a quick buy, but I have been admiring the images for quite a while, and I do have the money from This Earthly Tent handmade sales AND it's so freaking awesome.

(click the photos for their source - all came out of the Diana Mini flickr pool)
Diana mini
Nagasaki, lantern festival - Me
farol de santa marta

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere.
It's a gorgeous sunny day out,
Michael and I already got a nap in after church and a lunch date out with friends this morning
we're planning on squeezing in a coffee shop stop to read together 
(we're currently reading: When Couples Pray Together & Chronicles of Narnia)
and then... the boring homework and work stuff. 

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  1. do it! do it! do it!!
    i haven't found a place to develop film here yet.. and i don't have a scanner here.. not sure how i'll get my holga pics on facebook or the blog. :(
    i'm excited to hear about your diana mini when she arrives..!!


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