a peak inside..

Here is a little look into my purse, I think it's fun to see what people carry around with them...
The purse is my mom's, and she's letting me use it for a bit : )

- leather wallet (thrift store)
- sunglasses (Ragstock, located in the MOA)
-my business cards
- lip products
- my two favorite nail colors from Forever21
- iPod
- mini notebook for to-do lists and ideas (Target)
- gum, keys, pen, and a clementine : )

I have a date this afternoon with my community profile paper that hasn't been started. I'm hoping to get a little creating in too, I'm starting to feel the rush to get more products made for the fair!

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  1. I like your (mom's) purse :):) I miss you, Mrs. Danae.


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