Yesterday was my husband's 22nd birthday. This is for him:

Just to let you know, again, I love you. Thank you for falling in love with me and asking me to be your wife. It has been an absolute adventure going through life with you, and every day I feel blessed. Your passion and love for our God has inspired and motivated me to seek Him out and serve Him with more parts of my heart. Thank you for leading our marriage in an honorable and joy-filled way. You have been the partner I dreamed of for years, and you continue to awe me with the grace you extend in our marriage daily. So often I deserve much less then you give. I respect the way you conduct yourself around others, and you are overflowing with integrity and purity. I feel so honored and proud to be your wife, that at this moment I could burst.

Thank you for knowing my heart and cherishing it. In my most vulnerable moments you have always offered comfort, forgiveness and security. I know I'm safe with you. You speak life into me and I trust you with everything.

You are SO much fun to live with. You keep me from taking myself too seriously, and the moments that we're alone at home giggling over something crazy together are my favorites. I love our shared dreams and goals, God knew what he was doing when he made us into a pair. 

Oh, and I think you're smokin hot.


  1. dearest lovely. thank you so much. i think you are great. you are my favoritist and i love you so:). sincerely and truely yours, michael. p.s. i am typing this on my new birthday present:)

  2. aw, so cute :)

    just found your blog! love it



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