3rd roll of film

Here is my 3rd roll of 35 mm film off my mother's Pentax. I have been having loads of fun with film....
Oh! My diana mini arrived yesterday!! I'm stoked - will show photos soon.
I was up at 5:30 this AM and have a long to-do list to get all ready for the craft fair tomorrow! 
Can't wait : )
aqua family
a leap
a kick
Isaac + Ian / 4 year old brothers
my grandpa / foreground
my dad / background
a little dinner.
there is just something about being awake when the sun comes up.
Michael / Chronicles of Narnia series
new mug / hand-written love note
myself / thrifted
edge of the table / snack
$10 clothes
unknown / Fargo
red / florescent
empty / wooden
wallpaper / down the hall


  1. I love your film photos! Absolutely beautiful.

  2. thank you Hannah! Coming from you, that's quite a compliment : )

  3. All these shots are so lovely! Great work!


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