Alright folks, here is the second batch of CA holiday film photos! The last one of my hubby is one of my favorites.

The wedding we helped photograph was awesome, a beautiful display of Jesus' love for us and the power of purity and wholehearted devotion. So cool to see two people come together to glorify their Savior. It was such a gift to be apart of the day in such a way as being able to help document the event! And a good learning experience too...

After church tomorrow I'm dropping Michael off at work and heading home to visit my family, catch up, do laundry, and show holiday photos! Tonight we're watching the movie Amazing Grace - about William Wilberforce, a man who was called by God to abolished the slave trade in the British Empire in a time when not many opposed slavery, or dare speak against it. Talk about inspiration to use your life for something bigger...

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