Batch # 4 of California holiday film photos - shot on a pentax with 35 mm kodak 200 film. 

It's been a little tough not going on Facebook, which is teaching me that it is exactly what is needed. 

side note: I cut my bangs! 

My parents are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon and so this next 1/2 week my sister Kari, myself, and Michael are going to all be helping watch my 2 four-year-old brothers Isaac and Ian, interesting things are sure to happen...but I'm glad to help out so my parents can have some time away.

side note: I wish my hair was long and luscious. right. now. so tired of growing it out.

Jesus is SO cool. I am so glad I get to know Him. I just want to know Him better. And read His word more. And love Him like He deserves. He deserves so much more.

I'm getting really excited for this summer, I have lots of lovely friends getting hitched (Alisa, Beth, Julie, Savanna, Arica, and I know there are more I'm forgetting...). I am making 2 of their head pieces and fabric boutonnieres/corsages for one - really excited to venture into wedding products!

p.s. I'm going to be having a give away of one feather hair pin and one headband on The Little Deer blog, I'll be sure to post the link when it's up!

carvings on the wall
lilies on the shore
clam chowder on the wharf
a line of flight in the sky
an orchid or two to go with your coffee
a little sniff of color
an old theatre with a good movie (The King's Speech)
a land on the wharf
pretty dresses all in a row
vintage GALORE
fruit + froyo
a sea of blue
sea lion love
a moment in the mirror


  1. I love, love, love these photos. You are so talented -- they're absolutely lovely. :)


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