bridal creations!

Ok, I'm really excited about these two, basically because they're different than most of the things I've made before! These are for my friends Beth and Alisa, both of which are getting married this summer and asked if I would make their hair pieces!

I don't have any bridal pieces in the shop, but am very open to doing any custom orders, if you're interested, just email me : danaemoran@gmail.com

for Beth
for Alisa


Update : I *offically* got my internship at Catholic Charities this fall!! I will be interning in their adoption programs (infant and foster care), and then graduating in December - so thankful.

My give away is still open (until the 30th), so be sure to enter to win a feather hair pin and a knit headband of mine over at The Little Deer - click the "give away!" button on side of the blog ------->


  1. Gorgeous! I have a friend that works in the adoption area at Catholic Charities! I actually just talked to her the other day about adoption, because that's something we plan on doing someday. The plan was to adopt after three pregnancies, but with the way things are going, we may be starting the adoption process already in May '12 when Ben graduates.

  2. oh my goodness YES!! i'm such a big advocate for adoption : )

  3. Beautiful pieces! :)
    And good to hear about your internship. Such a great place God has put you in.

  4. Thanks Taryn - I had so much fun making them!


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