film overload.

Here's a bunch of film photos for you to feast your eyes on! The roll from the diana mini was a semi-failure, but I read that often times it takes some learning before you produce some good images, so I'm not too bummed. Enjoy:

chandelier / craft fest / diana mini
brother / sister / diana mini
vintage / thrift store / diana mini
an apple a day / diana mini
2 frame / diana mini
buttons / gift from my mother in law
a sunny brunch with my sisters
sister / brother / craft fair
chandelier / craft fair
look-a-likes / craft fair
marrieds / craft fair
lovely friends / craft fair
blinked / craft fair
This Earthly Tent / craft fair
what a man / craft fair
blurry new diana / home
booties /
coffee reflection / Babb's
library reflection / campus
weld wall / campus
feather hair pin /


I had my last midterm today and it went really good! I have one last work shift tonight, and then we leave for California tomorrow "morning" which is actually the middle of the night (3:30am). I am EXCITED for : short sleeves, green things, biking, walking outside, beaches, grass, no coats, and the ocean. mmmmm, yes this will be quite lovely. Don't worry, there will be lots of photos.
oh! and I got an internship interview after we come back (yay).

p.s. I had an interview with The Little Deer today, go check it out! And thank you to those who are visiting for the first time via The Little Deer, I'm happy to have you!


  1. Ok, can I just say that I love your blog. You are incredibly creative...and I love you already after reading this post, your about me and home & wedding post. I LOVE finding other bloggers who are passionate about Christ. I'm SO looking forward to getting to know you better!

  2. I am visiting via the little deer, and I must say your blog is very cute! Congrats on your headband business, I wish I had the courage to leave my corporate job for something more creative <3 xxx

  3. And I'm happy to be here! You have a great blog :D Can't wait to see more!
    Have fun in California :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE these photos!


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