give away!

Alright friends, I give you another This Earthly Tent give away! This one is being hosted by Taylor of The Little Deer, the blog I am sponsoring this month. You will need to go HERE in order to catch the details and enter to win, but the two items up for grabs are show below!

I also have added quite a few new items to the shop, so be sure to take a quick peek over there too.

side note: yesterday's weather was so bizarre - it was raining, sleeting, hailing, thundering, lightning, and snowing! it was crazzzy cool (and got some classes canceled)!


  1. so cute! :)
    I've been reading for a while but never followed, now i am :)

  2. Cute blog and adorable clip! I follow your blog now for The Little Deer giveaway:)


  3. Your blog is just darling! I love how you decorated your apartment. I went to this little cupcake shop in memphis, tn not too long ago that looked a lot like that! And I can just picture your little shop being the same way. :)

  4. i just found your blog, and giveaway - I'm following now. Reading on...

  5. thanks so much friends! i appreciate all the kind comments and new followers oh-so-much!


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