it's the little things...

sometimes, remembering to appreciate the little blessings can so be good.

This Thurs / Fri Michael and I were at home spending time with my 2 little bros while my parents are livin' it up at the Grand Canyon. It's a small taste of what being mommy and daddy someday could be like....and man, I don't know how my parents do it sometimes, they're awesome. I'm really glad they are getting a few days to themselves, sitting by the pool, shopping, eating out, and flying over the Grand Canyon!

I just did a overnight shift and worked for almost 24 hours - uf, glad to have some time to myself now. I was able to stop by the fabric store and pick up some pretty fabric (organza, satin, etc.) and supplies to start working on the two wedding pieces I'm making for friends' wedding!

Today is such a nice day - had a great extended time with Jesus this morning, got a paper finished, it's sunny and warm, done with work for the day, spending time with some great friends tonight, drinking an iced coffee at Starbucks while my hubby works, and going to spend a few hours sewing wedding hair pieces this afternoon!

 brownies // pyrex from my mum
iced coffee // summer's coming!
tulip couch // a good Word
snow melting means I can wear these shoes!
sun shadows on the walls
blue skies 
Simba // at home
these faces // ian + isaac

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