the last leg.

we're home! we had such a fun trip but the last few days we were getting pretty tired out. We did a bunch of walking. It's good to be home.

The last 2 days we spent in Santa Cruz, about 2 hours south of SF. It was very pretty, much smaller, sleepier beach town as opposed to the busy hustle of downtown SF, a nice contrast. We did some more thrift shopping (and yes, i was able to fit it all into my suitcase, yay!) and a lot of walking up and down the beach, wharf, and coast.

I'm playing catch up today while Michael is at work - groceries, bank, post office, and dropping off my 5 rolls of film (SO excited).

Here are some highlights from Santa Cruz:


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(click to enlarge)


  1. It sounds like you guys vacation like us. We're always "go go go," because we want to see everything. :) We come back more tired than we were when we left!

  2. sophia rose iversonMarch 17, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    it looks awesome Danae i happy you had a good time, i missed you and im excited to see you on sunday :)


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