SF / day 2

It was our 2nd day of adventures in the beautiful city of SF today! We switched hostels, and tonight are sleeping in mixed dorms. Which is an adventure in and of itself. Our "dorm mates" consist of one 31 year old man who is originally from Ireland who told us in the first 15 minutes of knowing him that he recently lost over 100 pounds, was married to a woman and got divorced, then married a man and got divorced again, is a recovered drug addict, a diabetic, and the doctors say he has cancer but he doesn't believe them. He wakes up at 4:30 am. The other person in our dorm is a quiet 19 year old boy from Hong Kong whose parents never allowed him to go out on the weekends and so now he is going crazy and staying out til 2 am. He seemed interest in when I said we were Christians. They're both pretty nice. Right now the Irish man is letting us listen to his music while we sit in our bunk beds (consisting of sean kingston, randy travis, and uncle cracker). Tomorrow night we're gonna go sing karaoke with them haha. This sure is an adventure.

Previously Today:

- rode lots of buses
- walked down Haight Street (the hippie neighborhood)
- got charged twice for Michael's coffee
- walked half way through Golden Gate Park (which is a very long ways)
- took TONS of photos (Michael may have been a little annoyed)
- touched a squirrel
- took a nap on a grassy hillside next to the flower conservatory (the pretty white building)
- saw lots of big trees and gorgeous nature
- smelt lots of weed 
- got a little sunburnt
- had to calm my mom down after she thought we were drowning from the tsunami (we didn't)
- went to Ocean Beach


  1. It looks like such a fun time! What interesting people you are meeting. You and your husband look so nice together :)

  2. The one of the squirrel is soooo cute.
    but, the photo under it of you guys?
    that is sooooooooooooooooo cute and dreamy. I can't get over it


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