she arrived!

Here she is! My diana mini! The diana mini is a compact version of the diana f+, she takes 35 mm film, can shoot 36 square or 72 half-frames, long and multiple exposure shots, and overlap frames. EEEK!

I saw some of you today at the Unglued Craft Fest, and wow! It was great. Really great. So many people supported me;  I sold 46 items, made more than I thought I would by far, and received lots of kind words and interest! I am hoping to hurriedly update my etsy shop for any new potential customers before we leave for our CA trip.

It was a really good learning experience too, and I hoping to participate in this summer's Arts in the Park and Street Fair if all goes well!

I have to admit I am exhausted after such a long day (with a runny nose and sore throat). I'm spending some time with my sisters tonight (they helped a ton with the booth) relaxing.

Have a good night!


  1. Yayyyy I can't wait to see your shots! I have a holga but have not yet had the film development... I am scared it will all be blank! I need to be brave hehe :) xxx


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