because my husband is such a good man, 
here are some of the reasons i love him so....

- he does the dishes way more than i do
- he loves Jesus more than me
- he has the hottest hair - face - facial hair : ever
- he rides his bike to work 
- he gives me foot massages
- he laughs with me
- he is a hard worker
- he supports my endeavors
- he keeps us focused
- he reads his bible everyday
- he tells me he likes my outfits
- he is thrifty and wise
- he has the silliest dance moves
- he loves our families
- he prays 
- he works at a coffee shop
- he wants to be a dad someday
- he cooks
- he gives me lots of hugs
- he impacts others
- he shares himself
- he brings us to church
- he reads to me 
just a random day to let the world know i think my husband is the best man alive, and i'm so happy to be his wife of 9 months, i can't wait for the years to come. it's been an absolute blessing living with such a superb human being as my best friend, confidant, encourager, leader, and teammate in our little apartment since the day our branches connected, it's truly become our home.


  1. this made me cry a little. ha! so happy for you.

  2. oh man, that makes me happy- thanks Taryn!

  3. I am a very silly man.... thank you dearest:)


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