such a cute outfit and a great play on colors and textures - way to go jenny from the block!
i wish i did more outfit posts, they seem fun and i enjoy seeing others' but without a tripod it's fairly difficult and mostly i just feel awkward - thoughts?

p.s. thanks to all of you who check in - I have reached 111 official followers - wowzers, you guys got my gratitude!


  1. I love outfit posts too. I hear you on feeling awkward though. As for the tripod, I have one that I picked up at Target for somewhere between $20-30 and it works GREAT. You could also get one of these:

  2. Here's the one I have. I think I must've bought it on sale or with a gift card or something, because I know I didn't pay that much for it:

  3. I love looking at outfit posts. :)
    Before I had a tripod I made my own out of household materials. (Rolling chair, laundry basket, books, coffee cans, and tape.) It was just this huge mass that I used to put my camera on when I needed to take a self portrait for my class. I finally broke down and got one. Mostly because I was creating a spectacle every time I had a homework assignment. hah. sometimes I look back on my decisions and wonder how I thought that was a good idea. But it the moment I thought I was making the next best thing.


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