Easter holiday.

This Easter Sunday was absolutely lovely. It was a gorgeous 60+ degree day with a light breeze. My mom made a super yummy meal and church was awesome, my sister-in-law Nicole sang and her voice is out of this world amazing. We had an eagerly awaited egg hunt (by my 2 four-year-old brothers), bubble-blowing, and lots of laying in the sun outside. I heard repeated sighs of contentment, lots of heads tilted back, just soaking up the sunshine and fresh breeze.

On Saturday we had a big family stroll (we took up almost the whole road - good thing we live in a small town), a summer supper of burgers/coleslaw/chips, and the first backyard fire of the year! Yes sir, summer is almost here, and my favorite month of May is just around the corner.

 Isaac dying an egg
 Sophie and Britta
 my momma's pretty flower table centerpiece

 I think there are 3 people under there?

 my three blonde sisters with beautiful hair
 Sophie (my sis), Mark (Michael's bro), and Anne (Michael's mom)


 Last night we went to the new Jane Eyre film in the downtown movie theatre. We have watched the older Masterpiece Theatre version, which is 2 disks long, and really like it. We're both big fans of period piece films (which most happen to be based on Jane Austen books), one of my all time favorites is Sense and Sensibility.
This new version of Jane Eyre was....solemn, quiet, dark, still, and beautiful. Go here for the trailer. It was fun to finally go to a movie in the old-fashioned theatre that we walk by so often (complete with a live organist playing music before the film began). I'd definitely recommend the movie...

Today we have errands to run, a car's oil to change, and homework to do - but we are going to take a break this afternoon to get some frozen yogurt with our friends Tom and Camila!

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