A few old filmies that I just hadn't uploaded yet....from my pentax 35mm using kodak 200 film

the nose is to the grindstone for the remainder of the semester - only 2 weeks left and then finals! I've got papers, presentations, and exams all left, and now that the weather is turning happy again, my motivation for schoolwork is starting to head downhill .... replaced with thoughts of summer weddings, lakes, bike rides, dairy queen, tans, shorts, bare feet, warm nights, and star gazing.

 the flooded river - we went for a walk close to the dike and got talked to by the police officer for walking on the rail road tracks...haha
 new sunglasses and a sunny day
 an early foggy morning
 Don't know the name of this- but it's Scandinavian wooden church, located on the river.
 my beautiful sister Kari
 kind of an awkward smile - taken by one of my clients to finish off the roll
Kari lookin' wonderful during our sister date of frozen yogurt and pictures

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