film stills.

A few pretty stills from the movie Emma, based off of Jane Austen's novel, that Michael and I watched last night - I really liked the styling. As Michael could attest to, I kept sighing and saying how lovely everything looked - tea in the garden under a tent everyday, picking apples in the orchard, wearing pretty dresses and flowers in your hair, riding horses, and grand picnics with your friends...but hence, it's a movie, not real life (but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to do some of those things when possible, aka the summer)!

This morning Michael is making breakfast for us, and it is our one "sleep-in" day - which meant 8 am.  Last night we went to Fargo's new frozen yogurt shop Tutti Frutti and it was really busy but yummy! Similar to the one we went to in CA, I'm glad Fargo's got one now, I think it could easily become a regular stop in the summer! For those of you who live close by it's on 13th Ave, in the strip mall with Starbucks and Applebees, across the street from Walmart.

Today I got around 4-5 hours of homework to do, groceries to get, yarn to buy, and hopefully some free time to do a little creating! 
Hope your Saturday is lovely!


  1. I loooooove Tutti Frutti! We double dated there on Wednesday night. I also think it's going to be our treat place this summer. I love that you can make it as inexpensive as you want. :) I feel like we got enough food, and it wasn't nearly as expensive as the DQ. And better for you too (as long as you don't load it with a zillion toppings). :)

  2. haha yes! we agreed - i really like that you can have a lot of fruit in it, and make it really little or big or whatever you want!

  3. love that movie, beautiful esthetic :)


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