love these hair styles....so pretty.
i've been seeing a lot of braids, high buns, and messy/unkempt looks going around!
images found via pinterest on this board.
click the photos for their original source if known.

I just got off working 10pm last night to 6pm today, and am going back at 10pm tonight to 1pm tomorrow. I feel so drained....understatement. 
Tomorrow my family is celebrating my little brother Ian's birthday, and even though we'll miss lunch, I think Michael and I are gonna try to head home for a bit. Family is so good.


  1. hi fellow sponsor! I love all these braids & hairstyles, I am waiting and waiting for my hair to get long enough again. And yes my pictures are from Golden Gate Park, don't you just love it there???

  2. Wow those hairstyles are just very breath taking and I would do anything to know how t do them!

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