honeymoon tales and a disposable camera

Michael and I got married last year on June 26th, and we brought along a disposable camera on our honeymoon. I finally got around to scanning some of the images in and here they be!

A family friend let us stay at their lake cabin for a week and then we went to the cities for a week after that. We decided to keep our honeymoon in MN and close to home for a few reasons. One being the cost, but the biggest reason was that we really wanted time to just be together, relax, and have fun, without feeling pressure or an obligation to go out and sight see. We thought about going somewhere like CA but decided that we would save that for our winter break, after the newness of "married stuff" had settled in (if you know what I mean). One of the best decisions ever. We had an absolute blast, it was really relaxing and the memories of those two weeks following our wedding are ones that I hold very dear.

A family friend gifted us with a week in their lake cabin, and then we spent a week in the twin cities after that. I know most people don't have two full weeks, but I'm a big advocate for taking that time to at least go somewhere and be alone together. I'm happy that we were able to stay somewhere that was semi closed off to world, but only 20 miles or so from a little lake town (Park Rapids) that had an old theatre, thrift stores, coffee shops, parks, antique shops, restaurants, and fun stuff for us to do if we wanted. We ended up driving in almost every day.

 so much sun.
 We went to the movie Eclipse at the local theatre the second night it came out - we decided to but matching wolf t-shirts at the tourist shop next door. It was pretty ridiculously epic and we had a lot of laughs.
 the schwarzwald inn - a german restaurant with a wall to wall mural with mythical creatures on it.....mhm. i'm not sure why i have my arm in the air..but it seems to fit.
 Loring Pasta Bar -  my favorite restaurant ever. Located in dinky town in the cities, we had a fancy dinner there. They often have live music, and the decor is out of this world.
 Fat Lorenzo's - a pizza and gelato joint located on Ceder Ave, the location of one of our very first dates. We came back here with Michael's family during our stay in the cities, it's located right by lake Nokomis, so we spent some time on the beach after having a treat here.
 wading in the water.
 picking raspberries off a plant we saw in an alley way - they're michael's favorite fruit.
 lunch and ice cream at an old-fashioned parlor in Park Rapids.
going to yet another movie in the old theatre in Park Rapids.
Oh man, these photos bring back lots of good memories - and I can't wait for another summer of adventures (and a summer tan/burn haha).
I'm sure many of you have some dear memories from your own honeymoon, or maybe dreams of what you hope it will be like someday. In this day and age most couples live together before they get married, since Michael and I didn't do that, our honeymoon and the process of moving in together and sharing everything was really special and tied to a big commitment.

I have no regrets about that decision and I think it's blessed our marriage incredibly, it set marriage apart. It was different then not being married. It was something that was sacred, special, and not to be tampered or "tried out." Interestingly enough, statistics back up that living together before you're married makes you more likely to become divorced after you are. Just because I shared that stat I'm sure some people will think I'm being judgmental and rude, and that isn't my goal at all. It's just something I believe strongly in and something that I believe is worth advocating for. Keeping marriage sacred and set apart is a portion of the key to a successful marriage - I've seen it played out countless times in my own family and couples I admire.

Placing Jesus first in the heart of your marriage and emphasizing prayer as the necessity to keeping your relationship together, not just a go-to in times of trouble (which it also is), will keep the beat of your marriage thriving, alive, and a source of pure joy.

(after reading through this I'm thinking - wow I sound like I'm trying to be some sort of marriage expert - Ha! So not true. Less then 1 year of marriage does not equal marriage expert, but hey, it is some of my thoughts - take it or leave it).


  1. Love the photos! What beautiful memories. And I LOVE the Twin Cities -- what an awesome idea for a honeymoon.

  2. Looks like fun! We love the Park Rapids area, and the cities too, of course. :) We went to the cities for our own honeymoon and had a blast. I totally know what you mean about the married stuff. We were another couple who didn't live together for marriage and have not regretted it for a second. I like that marriage was new and different and we didn't just come back home to the same old same old after the wedding.

  3. Hey Danae,
    I'm not sure if you remember me but we took Contempory Moral Issues with each other! I ran into your blog after seeing an image on pinterest, clicking through to the blog it came from, who happened to feature your blog a while back! I clicked over not knowing that it was yours and thought it was just the funniest thing! I am from Park Rapids, so it's so fun to see you in pictures of all the places I've grown up going to! Hope all has been well with you! :)



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