i like....

check out a few things i've been liking:

this photo shoot by this cute couple.

Whiskey Shore's dying your own fabric

this inspiration journal

this garden.

this photo.

church was really good this morning, pastor bob talked about how our relationships with others can affect our relationship with God. when our relationships with others are not in the right, when there is sin, wrong motives, or discord, it negatively affects our prayer life and our communication with God. it makes total sense but i hadn't thought of that before - if there seems to be a disconnection or block between you and the Lord, maybe take a look at your relationships and take some inventory. good word, huh?

after church we had some yummy lunch with our engaged friends Jesse and Arica, who make for superb company. then michael and i went to Barnes and Noble to work for a bit and have a treat, it was so packed though, which makes the enjoyment level go down a bit.

this weekend was a terribly awful one as far as homework goes, so i'm spending tonight catching up.  hope you're sunday was grand!

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  1. I love the lighting in the first photos.
    I have always wanted to keep a journal like that. I usually just have writing in mine, but adding more creativity is always good. There was this book I saw that had all these amazing journal entries in them. It really made me want to start.
    So true about the relationships! I was just thinking the same thing today. makes me have to think a lot.
    And Barnes and Noble! I work there. But it is reallly busy on sundays, but that's my day off. :)
    Glad you had a good sunday.


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