I like ... rings! 
all found via Etsy, click the image for it's listing.
the last ring "24K Gold Vermeil Aqua Chalcedony" received a sharp intake of breath, 
the kind when you see something you really like ... i really like that.

today :
spend some legit time with Jesus
run & work out
file sales tax - uf
admire my new plant of ivy (ha)
study Food Stamps and Social Security like no ones business
work on a group paper
go to the marrieds small group with my man
work the overnight shift

1 comment:

  1. Oh, what beauties! Turquoise is such a fresh colour, always reminding me of summertime! I am looking for a turqoise ring for a long time, but didn't find THAT one for me! Maybe this summer, who knows! Wish you a relaxing & calm evening after this huge list!


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