i wore...

hey friends, here is one of my rare "what i wore" posts. i don't do these often, because 1) i have no tripod and 2) i just can't help feel a little conceited and appearance-glorifying when i do....even though they are kinda fun, especially when you really do like what you're wearing.

the details:

hat / leather belt / socks / leather oxfords / necklace : thrifted in the F/M area
tights / cardigan : Target
floral dress : thrifted from Santa Cruz, i cut off some of the length and re-hemmed it!

* photos by Kari


life seems to be getting the better of me lately, such long long days it seems like- going from 7am to 10pm with few breaks in the middle, not much time to just enjoy life, friendships, or this gorgeous weather we've been having. maybe it's just because i have a headache right now and it's the end of one of those long long days that i feel this way (i know it probably is) but man, whew. the goal is to wake up early enough to get a run in, a shower, and some time be with Jesus before heading to school...we'll see how that goes.


  1. danae! that is an adorable outfit! i don't think you should feel conceited doing these kinds of posts. your style is very inspiring to all of us. i'm sorry to hear about your loooong days. that must be frustrating. i hope God brings you to a place of rest, even if he has to make time stand still.
    i sent amanda nordby a package recently, and there's a little gifty gift in there for you. i noticed you don't have facebook anymore, so you and amanda should connect somehow so she can give it to you. love you much!

  2. Cute outfit!

    Long days are horrible. :(

    I just realized that since you're not on Facebook, you may not have known I moved to a new blog. haha.

  3. just a quick note to say I love you Danae... I like reading what you write.
    hope you get some rest


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